25th-26th August 2016

Hosted by the Centre for Globalisation, Education & Social Futures

University of Bristol

Welcome to the Second International Conference on Cultural Political Economy. It has been our great pleasure to build upon a highly successful event held at the University of Lancaster in 2015 hosted by Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum in partnership with Lancaster’s Cultural Political Economy Research Centre (CPERC). The conference has been an important part of the ongoing development of a theoretical and empirical engagement with Cultural Political Economy. Here you can find all relevant information regarding the conference.

Keynote Speakers:

Roger Dale, Professor of Education, University of Bristol. Civilisational analysis and cultural political economy: points of contact and open questions. (Thursday 25th August, 9:30am)

Raewyn Connell, Professor Emerita, University of Sydney. Southern theory: A conversation about knowledge.  (Friday 26th August, 10:45am)



Cultural Political Economy Conference 2017

Next year’s CPE conference will be hosted by Professor Martin Jones and his colleagues at the University of Cardiff. Were look forward to seeing you all there.