The Inaugural Conference on CPE was held in early September 2015 at the University of Lancaster, hosted by the Cultural Political Economy Research Centre. Researchers at the Centre headed by Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum have long and cutting edge tradition in developing CPE as an approach and as a field. Unsurprisingly, they were perfect hosts to the conference and was able to attract a remarkable set of guests and speakers from around the world and from across the disciplines interested in further develop CPE.

Researchers at the University of Bristol have been present and active contributors for the development of the CPE as an approach to social sciences. Centre for Globalisation, Education and Social Futures (GESF) has been significantly shaping the CPE paradigm to embrace the complexity of global political economy in relation to governance of educational sector, transformations of the state, remaking of time and space, capitalist development, and similar. GESF is therefore proud to host the Second International Conference on Cultural Political Economy to contribute to future use and development of the CPE approach.

The Second Conference on CPE will focus on themes in inter‐ and trans‐disciplinary social sciences, approaching CPE as analytical resource. It will look to further develop the CPE conceptualisations and it is particularly interested in ‘the cultural’ in relation to ‘the political’ and ‘the economic’.