Abstracts and Papers


Azimbayeva, G. Commodification of Higher Education in Kazakhstan- Cultural Aspects and Institutional Legacies.

Lopes Cardozo, M. “Agents of peace or conflict_” Exploring “agency” of educators and youth in conflict-affected contexts inspired by the SRA (Strategic Relational Approach) and CCPE (Critical Cultural.


Block, D. The materiality and semiosis of inequality and class warfare in contemporary Spain: From Critical Discourse Analysis to Corrupt Discourse Analysis and ‘anything goes’.

Cea, G. Public-Private Partnerships in Education as an Economic, Political and Cultural Pheno,empm Exploring Gramsian Theoretical Contributions.

de Carvalho, A. Marketisation Commodification and Financialisation in Higher Education the case of Brazil

Kreps, B. An encounter between Gramsci, Marx, Foucault, and Bergson.

Lainio, A. Global Citizenship Education and Cultural Exchange- A Postcologinal reading on an International Higher Education Partnership.

Vasilaki, R. The Rise of Postwestern Knowledges – Possibilities and Pitfalls. A Response to Raewyn Connell: Southern Theory: A conversation about Knowledge.